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Specialising in Business Activity Statement [BAS], GST & PAYG for small business…

Tired of being financially in the dark?…Up until all hours completing your Business Activity Statement (BAS)?…GST and PAYG effecting your cash flows?

In today’s economic climate your creditors, business partners and the ATO all expect you to have your accounts up to date and accurate. For a small business this can present a huge challenge. How do you achieve up to the minute accounts that will provide you with the information you need at your finger tips? Bookkeeping Pros can provide the answers.

Bookkeeping Pros provide bookkeeping services in the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Our experienced bookkeepers are backed by CPAs and our team of MYOB Certified Consultants. This enables our bookkeepers to provide a fast and complete package for your business.

Let Bookkeeping Pros be your accounts department and give you Accounts that are managed in a systematic, efficient and timely manner to ensure know your financial position and can meet your ATO compliance requirements all this is available at our competitive bookkeeping rates.

Our Bookkeeping Services include:

  • Appraisal of your existing accounting system
  • Accounts Receivable – ensure invoices are entered and dispatched in a timely manner, keep debtors up to date so that you always have an accurate position of outstanding invoices therefore reducing bad debts and maintaining cash flow.
  • Accounts Payable – data entry of your suppliers so you can keep track of your outstanding expenses and pay your bills on time. This also gives you accurate upcoming cash outlays thereby enabling you to effectively manage your cash flows.
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Payroll, Superannuation & PAYG – Provide your business with accurate records which comply with the new Fair Work Act 2009.
  • Inventory Management – You will always know exactly how much stock you have without having to do a physically count.
  • Preparation of BAS & IAS- Maintaining up to date records ensures you don’t get fined for late lodgment
  • P&L and Balance Sheet reports Monthly, Weekly etc – Your accounts are managed in a systematic, efficient and timely manner providing you up to date financial data essential for informed business decisions.
  • MYOB & QuickBooks setup – We also sell MYOB and Quick Books software at competitive prices.

In other words, we take care of your accounts while you take care of your business.

Bookkeeping Pros offer you the perfect range of Sydney bookkeeping services for your business. We provide small business bookkeepers to IT Contractors, Tradesmen, Builders, Medical Professionals, Retailers and more. All our clients have significantly benefited from low bookkeeping fees and  our business bookkeeping experience and expertise. Our Sydney bookkeepers are keen to solve your bookkeeping problems and to be your partner in growing your business …call us today on 02 9411 1529 or make an online enquiry . Browse through our complete list of bookkeeping services.  We are here to help you…

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7 Benefits For Hiring a Professional Bookkeeper

With the extra burden of BAS (Business Activity Statements) for small business owners, demand for bookkeeping has grown enormously but there’s been an influx of inexperienced practitioners offering their services. The Federal Government responded by passing the Tax Agent Services Act 2009* requiring registration to prepare BAS statements. This has meant that more than ever, you need a qualified bookkeeper to take care of your day-to-day financial needs. Here are seven benefits to hiring a professional bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping – Duties of a Good Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping and the duties and responsibilities of a professional bookkeeper are very different to an accountant. The bookkeeper looks after the day-to-day duties while the company accountant may audit the books monthly, quarterly or at tax time. In addition to the services a bookkeeper provides, here are the additional duties and responsibilities of a professional bookkeeper.

Basic Bookkeeping – 5 Services a Good Bookkeeper Should Provide

It’s one of the universal realities of being in business … you will have to do things that are far from your core skill set, have nothing to do with your products and services, and really don’t inspire you! Along with marketing, networking and website maintenance, keeping the books is one of those universal jobs that few people find comes naturally to them.

How your bookkeeper and accountant can work together

Small businesses will handle their own bookkeeping or hire a bookkeeper to look after the day to day financial needs of the business while retaining an accountant to review their books annually as part of overall tax preparation and strategic planning. Here are five ways that bookkeepers and accountants can work together and look after the financial health of your company.

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